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22 April 2006 @ 08:54 pm
memo spelled to all staff members  
I know this break was anything but restful for most of you, but with the return of what's left of the students, there are a few announcements I need to make.

First, we will be saying good bye to Professor Hornby and will be welcoming back Miss Delacour in the position of Transfiguration Professor.

Secondly, most of our students will no doubt have heard about the death of their former classmate. I cannot predict how this will affect her friends, but please be aware, as best you can, of any irregular behaviour that should be monitored. Parvati is with her mother, and I do not know at this time if she plans to return to Hogwarts or not.

As we venture into the final stretch of a very unstable term, please take care of yourselves,