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15 July 2006 @ 08:04 am
posted to all notice boards as well as in the Great Hall  
Good morning, students,

Congratulations on completing your exams and ending the year on a somewha positive note.

To those of you returning in the fall: we look forward to seeing you back. Enjoy your holiday.

To those of you who are leaving us: it was an honour to have you at this school, and the staff and I wish you the best for your future. There are many challenges yet ahead, but take what you've learned within these walls, and use it to shape the coming years. All the best to you.

All students:
After breakfast, you may take time to say your farewells, as well as complete any last-minute packing. When you are ready, please proceed to the large fireplace in the library, where Aurors and staff will be waiting to assist with your departure.

Because there is no train to catch, you my Floo out at your leisure until noon, and the the connection will be closed.

Congratulations once again, and enjoy your well-earned break.

Professor McGonagall