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Attention students:

Sadly, a family emergency has required Professor Delacour to take a leave of absence. Professor Hornby will be teaching Transfiguration until further notice.

Professor McGonagall
27 March 2006 @ 06:59 pm
Trusted friends,

As most of you have heard by now, Fleur has indeed left us under tragic circumstances. It is believed that her father was killed by Death Eaters, and understandably, she has asked for a leave so she can be with her family at this time.

Until her return, I have asked Glenalda Hornby to come out of retirement to teach Transfigurations. I know you will all make her feel welcome.

In addition, Ministry officials will be coming to the school early tomorrow afternoon to interview Miss Brown once again about her abduction. I'm insisting hoping that they will be professional and brief. The poor girl has already been through enough.

There is still no change in Ronald Weasley, but he is stable, and his healers insist that this is the best we can hope for at this juncture.


By request of his parents, Mr Macmillan will continue his treatment at St Mungo's. We wish him a rapid recovery.

However, this also means that our acting Head Boy, will now be appointed to full duties as of dinner this evening.

Congratulations, Mr Goldstein,

Professor McGonagall
16 March 2006 @ 06:59 pm
Attention Quidditch teams and Quidditch supporters!

Due to Ron Weasley's maladies, Gryffindor will be in need of an extra week of practise in order to train their new Keeper. Harry Potter will be taking his place of Captain.

Next Saturday afternoon Gryffindor will be playing Hufflepuff!

I expect a good match despite this setback.

Madam Hooch
Attention students:

This notice is to inform you of some changes that have been made in Ravenclaw house that will affect all of you.

Professor Flitwick and I have had a meeting to appoint a few student leaders to fill the available positions. I trust the rest of you will offer your own congratulations and respect to our new representatives.

Anthony Goldstein has been named as acting Head Boy until Mr MacMillan is able to once again perform his duties. The new seventh year Prefects for Ravenclaw will be Su Li and Kevin Entwhistle.

The badges will be presented at lunch today.

Professor McGonagall
13 March 2006 @ 10:48 am
Mr Weasley will be in Hospital and not attending classes until further notice.
We will know more later, but it appears as if he has been willingly poisoned.

There is NO leaving the school or grounds without proper supervision or escort. For you own safety, and for the safety of your fellow students, please find it within yourself to follow this SIMPLE RULE!

Professor McGonagall
Young sirs and madams of Slytherin House,

A good morning to you all! As your esteemed Headmistress has already announced, I will henceforth replace the librarian as your Head of House. An interesting little bit of history you might not know is that I have had the distinction in the past of presiding over your House for nearly fifty years! Yes, I would wager that all of your parents, and perhaps even some of your grandparents, were my pupils at one point, and so it follows that you are in the best of hands! I've been very pleased to become acquainted with some of all of you over the past year, indeed a number of you show great talent for my subject, and I must say I'm looking forward to restoring this House to something of its former glory. Regardless of the popular opinion, you must never forget that Slytherin is the House of future leaders, and bright minds!

I have great plans for this House, great plans indeed, and while I have high expectations you'll find I'm not an unreasonable man. If any of you happen to have information regarding the recent hexings, yes, even if it may be one of your classmates!, you'll find the reward in coming forward will be much greater than keeping silent. In fact, it so happens I have contacts within the Quidditch League itself who would be more than willing to provide a number of prime tickets to the League Cup, tickets I'd be quite disposed to pass on to any stalwart individuals who find it in themselves to stand up for the reputation of their House and divulge information leading to the identity of the attackers! I guarantee you'll find friends enough to accompany you to the match, I daresay quite enough to make up for any you might lose in coming forward!

Now then, I'm arranging for a bit of dinner to be brought to my rooms tonight, and I would like for the House Prefects to join me for a little get-together at seven. I look forward to working with the young leaders of tomorrow!

A good day to you all,
Professor Horace E. F. Slughorn
09 March 2006 @ 10:45 pm

As of Friday morning, professor Slughorn will be taking on the position of Head of Slytherin House. He has served in this capacity in the past, so we are very fortunate to have him indeed.

Please take the time to thank Madame Pince for her hard work, and willingness to share her time and guidance with Slytherin these past months. She has decided that the library needs her full attention, so she will be returning to her former position.

Professor McGonagall
06 March 2006 @ 09:19 pm
Attention everyone!

There have been two more cases of hexing within these walls. Both attacks were fairly serious, however, the second could have resulted in a student's death if he had not been found in time.

Unfortunately, the victims were not able to identify the person/persons responsible.

This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated, and goes far beyond any pardonable excuse! Guilty parties will face severe penalties and possible expulsion.

Because of the difficult times, it is unfortunate, but you have precious few liberties left. If you would like to continue enjoying Quidditch, owl privileges, and a decent curfew hour, I suggest these attacks on your classmates stop immediately.

Students with any information may come to myself or Inspector Weasley,

Professor McGonagall