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Good morning, students,

Congratulations on completing your exams and ending the year on a somewha positive note.

To those of you returning in the fall: we look forward to seeing you back. Enjoy your holiday.

To those of you who are leaving us: it was an honour to have you at this school, and the staff and I wish you the best for your future. There are many challenges yet ahead, but take what you've learned within these walls, and use it to shape the coming years. All the best to you.

All students:
After breakfast, you may take time to say your farewells, as well as complete any last-minute packing. When you are ready, please proceed to the large fireplace in the library, where Aurors and staff will be waiting to assist with your departure.

Because there is no train to catch, you my Floo out at your leisure until noon, and the the connection will be closed.

Congratulations once again, and enjoy your well-earned break.

Professor McGonagall
Fellow Gryffindors,

As your final term draws to a close, it would be rather remiss of me not to mention how thoroughly I enjoyed the privilege of getting to know each of you this year. Despite the circumstances that led me to this post, it has been an honour to serve as your Head of House.

As you bid your final farewells to this castle tonight, know that when you leave these walls tomorrow, you will not leave alone. You take with you a legacy of great deeds and bold hearts, a legacy each and every one of you has upheld honourably this year. I have watched as each of you discovered the cost of choosing what is right over what comes easily, a steep price no one your age should ever have to pay. I'm afraid there is very little assurance I can offer for your futures, but as for the present, know that you have made your predecessors proud. You have certainly made me proud of you. And though I hesitate to speak on his behalf, I think I can safely say you have made Albus Dumbledore most proud of all.

I have little advice to offer you but this: know yourselves, and do not be made to doubt your own hearts. Trite, I know, but it's not as easy as it sounds. If you look deep inside your own minds, you will find that you know more than you give yourselves credit for. I have faith in each of you, that when the time comes to put all that you have learned behind these walls to the test, and the time will come, you will rise to the occasion. Don't allow time and distance separate you from the friendships you have made at Hogwarts. These friendships will last you a lifetime, and will even save your life, if you let them.

But most of all, don't forget that a little mischief goes a long way. As does a little rum, Mr. Finnigan.

--Professor Lupin
To my darling Hufflepuffs:

Another year has come and is going fast. Wherever this summer takes you, remember to work hard, be patient, and be loyal to those who love you.

For those of you returning, I am confident Hufflepuff will greet you once again with open arms and the warmth of friendship.

For those of you graduating, go out into the world and be yourselves.

As a special gift to you all, I have once again made up some special Hufflepuff House blend teas. Help yourself to one or ten of the boxes below.

~ Professor Sprout

[Below the sign is a large box filled with smaller boxes bearing Hufflepuff House colours and the Hufflepuff crest. Each smaller box contains tea that smells of vanilla and herbs.]
To my dear graduating Hufflepuffs:

As you venture out of Hogwarts and into the dangerous the dark the unknown the future, may your seven years at Hogwarts grant you the foundation of great success. Whatever you do, I know you will do well.

At present, the future looks bleak for many of us, but I see a rainbow waiting for every one of you.

Thank you for making these past seven years a joy.

Your Head of House and Professor,
Pomona Sprout
Attention to all students:

Please see your head of house after breakfast tomorrow morning for your examination schedule, so you will be able to use your weekend time wisely. The examiners will arrive Sunday evening, therefore I know you will all be on your best behaviour.

Examinations will commence at 8am Monday morning the 10th of July, and will run until Friday July 14th at 1pm.

The leaving feast will follow on Friday evening, to celebrate the end of yet another term, and to remember the ones who are no longer able to be here with us.

As with Easter break, there will be no Hogwarts Express service. Instead, on Saturday morning, you will be flooing to Hogsmeade where someone will be waiting to bring you home, or back to King's Cross Station.

Best of luck to O.W.L and N.E.W.T students, and to you all.

Professor McGonagall
22 April 2006 @ 08:54 pm
I know this break was anything but restful for most of you, but with the return of what's left of the students, there are a few announcements I need to make.

First, we will be saying good bye to Professor Hornby and will be welcoming back Miss Delacour in the position of Transfiguration Professor.

Secondly, most of our students will no doubt have heard about the death of their former classmate. I cannot predict how this will affect her friends, but please be aware, as best you can, of any irregular behaviour that should be monitored. Parvati is with her mother, and I do not know at this time if she plans to return to Hogwarts or not.

As we venture into the final stretch of a very unstable term, please take care of yourselves,

20 April 2006 @ 07:39 am
Meeting this afternoon (4pm) at Hogwarts. Come if you are able.


P.S. You are also welcome to stay for dinner.

Students returning home for Easter holiday will need to pack their belongings this evening after dinner. The Hogwarts Express will be departing at 11am sharp tomorrow morning.

All students remaining at school are to have their names handed in to me by lunch today.

Enjoy your break,

Professor McGonagall

All those not already informed of this illustrious event under the cloak of night are welcomed to attend, unless they are a berk, in which case, do please clear off for the next several hours, we do not need your parade-raining kind round here.

Yours Formally,
Party Organiser Extraordinare and Mate of Birthday Boy,

Michael Corner
My fellow Housemates:

Tomorrow evening Daphne and I will be hosting a SURPRISE birthday party in the common room for Tracey.

9pm. Bring gifts. Refreshments will be provided.