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13 July 2006 @ 01:49 pm
Sign posted to the Hufflepuff common room noticeboard  
To my darling Hufflepuffs:

Another year has come and is going fast. Wherever this summer takes you, remember to work hard, be patient, and be loyal to those who love you.

For those of you returning, I am confident Hufflepuff will greet you once again with open arms and the warmth of friendship.

For those of you graduating, go out into the world and be yourselves.

As a special gift to you all, I have once again made up some special Hufflepuff House blend teas. Help yourself to one or ten of the boxes below.

~ Professor Sprout

[Below the sign is a large box filled with smaller boxes bearing Hufflepuff House colours and the Hufflepuff crest. Each smaller box contains tea that smells of vanilla and herbs.]