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Patchwork Quill

A Letter Game

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Welcome to Patchwork_Quill, a letter game-styled trio era Harry Potter RPG.

A letter game is like a roleplaying game done one-on-one, in which characters write letters to one another and advance their storylines through an epistolary style. For popular examples of this, see the book Sorcery and Cecelia, the play Love Letters, or the young adult novels Finding Cassie Crazy (The Year of the Secret Assignments- US) and Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty.

* * * *

This "Game of Letters" varies only slightly from that model. The characters of Patchwork Quill tell their stories only through the written word, but while they are primarily paired together, they will occasionally exchange letters and notes with people who they haven't been assigned to work with. What with allowing students to bring owls to Hogwarts as pets -- and keeping the entire owlery available for student use! -- there's no way to avoid it, really. And despite detentions handed out en masse, they do insist on passing notes in class. But regardless, you can imagine that the morning post has created more of a flurry than usual in the Great Hall this year.

* * * *

At the beginning of Harry Potter's 6th year, Dumbledore came up with a (debateably) brilliant idea for boosting the effectiveness of Inter-House Relations. The Sorting Hat matched up all of the students in 5th, 6th, and 7th year with anonymous assigned pen pals from Houses different from their own (mostly). Faculty members were required to participate as well (though they more or less revolted by Hallowe'en). There certainly were a number of surprises when identities were revealed in December -- and not all of them were of the pleasant variety.

In a desperate effort to continue the few good works this project has brought about, and as yet another attempt at changing the hearts of those too young to be impassive, the project was altered and extended into the winter semester. As such, NEWT level students of both years are now assigned a project with a partner whose academic interests appear to mesh with their own. While each student is responsible for their own assignment, they must incorporate the ideas and theories of their partner into their final results.

In the end, the students of Hogwarts must learn to work together, or they will fail far more than the most important exams of their school years.

The list of this year's NEWT project topics and partners can be found here.

* * * *

This content of this game is rated appropriate for teenagers and adults ages 16 and up. While the language will occasionally border on mature in nature, there will be no sexually explicit content on these journals. Romantic relationships of both same sex and opposite sex pairings can be found in this game.

Patchwork_Quill began on the first of September, 2004 (1996), when Harry Potter and his friends embarked on their eventful sixth year at Hogwarts. As of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince's release on July 16, 2005, this game has spun rather delightfully AU and will not match the new canon to the letter.


Cast List


aklines ... Rolanda Hooch [Quidditch]
apathis ... Bill Weasley [professor: Defense Against the Dark Arts]
apostada ... Sibyll Trelawney [professor: Divination]
charakites ... Pomona Sprout [professor: Herbology; Head of Hufflepuff]
erukeai ... Irma Pince [librarian; Head of Slytherin]
filodoxos ... Percy Weasley [Safety Inspector]
limokolax ... Horace Slughorn [professor: Potions]
louloudi ... Fleur Delacour [professor: Transfiguration]
lukophoros ... Remus Lupin [professor: Defense Against the Dark Arts; Head of Gryffindor]
metatrepo ... Minerva McGonagall [Headmistress]
sterktos ... Filius Flitwick [professor: Charms; Head of Ravenclaw]
thetes ... Charlie Weasley [Assistant Healer]
thumizo ... Argus Filch [caretaker]
thutikos ... Firenze [professor: Divination]



diakais ... Colin Creevey
gumnastikos ... Ginny Weasley
apustos ... Dean Thomas
agaiomai ... Ron Weasley ****
diamenei ... Neville Longbottom
neaneia ... Lavender Brown
akeraios ... Harry Potter [formerly apenthos]
philogelos ... Seamus Finnigan
statheros ... Hermione Granger
zoiros ... Parvati Patil


ephedreia ... Emma Dobbs
agon_o ... Vincent Crabbe
amauros ... Theodore Nott
elattomatikos ... Tracey Davis
mataios ... Daphne Greengrass
kratimenos ... Millicent Bulstrode
klonos ... Draco Malfoy
periergos ... Pansy Parkinson
poniros ... Blaise Zabini


exairesis ... Zacharias Smith
hupselos ... Hannah Abbott
panasphalios ... Ernie Macmillan
peismonas ... Megan Jones
prothymos ... Justin Finch-Fletchley
synithos ... Susan Bones *
tuphlos ... Jae-Chol "Joey" Moon


_pistos ... Luna Lovegood
aperte ... Stephen Cornfoot
atremas ... Su Li
eilikrinis ... Anthony Goldstein
empureuma ... Mandy Brocklehurst
erotesis ... Morag MacDougal
eunaios ... Lisa Turpin
ipios ... Terry Boot
laleo ... Michael Corner
pisteutos ... Sarah Fawcett
strosi ... Kevin Entwhistle

Other Adult Characters

agrupnia ... Mad-Eye Moody *
apokrateo ... Cho Chang
daktulosadelpho ... Fred Weasley
daktulosagastor ... George Weasley
nymfiallasso ... Nymphadora Tonks
sygkentonos ... Oliver Wood
symponia ... Alicia Spinnet

Inactivated Characters (deceased or otherwise currently no longer within the circle of correspondence that comprises Patchwork Quill)

achates_quill ... Severus Snape [former Head of Slytherin; Missing: Oct-97]
aphantastos ... Padma Patil [Ravenclaw, year 7 left Hogwarts: Jan-98]
ligos ... Dennis Creevey [Gryffindor, year 4 left Hogwarts: Feb-98]
seireneios ... Sally-Anne Perks [Slytherin, year 7 left Hogwarts: Jan-98]
totraghudhi ... Eloise Midgen [Hufflepuff, year 7 left Hogwarts: Jan-98]
zoopoieo ... Albus Dumbledore [former Headmaster of Hogwarts; deceased: January 1, 1998]

historeo ... Printed Media
anonumos_pq ... Anonymous Letters

* denotes a character currently available for re-casting
Names highlighted in orange denote an active member of the Order of the Phoenix]

If you are interested in applying for a currently inactive or uncast character, please send your inquiries to klonos_owlpost@yahoo.com. We are no longer taking applications for new characters at this time.


The maintainers would like to thank heinous_bitca for providing the inspiration for this community.

The name Patchwork Quill was inspired in part by pegkerr's novel, The Wild Swans, and by the idea that in writing together, we all comprise a patchwork quilt of community.

Questions may be directed to the game moderators at: